Mar 022018

Traveling is the way you can release your stress. Sometimes traveling might be a daily routine for some people in the world. Moreover, traveling nowadays also becomes more popular. You can easily access the ticket and destination through the internet. So, the destination is not an obstacle again right now. Some people also choose to travel in a group, and the others like to travel alone. Both of them are exciting depends on how to through it. If you need to be alone for a while, so solo traveling must be the best travel recommendation for you. No matter if you are the beginner or ever tried to be a solo traveler, there are some things that should be noted. What are they? Just check this out!

Tips to getting Right Solo Traveling

If you already searched for the solo traveling about, so you must be more excited about it. However, there are some things that must be noted when you are traveling alone. Since there will be no one beside you, you need to be more protected by yourself. In short, here are the things that you must be prepared for your amazing solo traveling days:

  • Get Your Budget

For the first and foremost, you have to get the budget. It is even better if you already get the save before the traveling day. If you have a plan to do solo traveling, so it is highly recommended to save money earlier. Why do so? Because it is highly possible for you to get more budget and find more destinations. Then, you can calculate the budget that you need.

  • Find the Destination

Actually, there are two ways to choose the destination for your solo traveling. For the first, you get the budget then decide the destination. On the other hand, you can decide the destination first then calculate the budget. The most important thing to decide is you need to find the transportation which is traveler-friendly. Then, you can find the destination which can find you the peace. Try this.

  • Don’t Forget about Travel Insurance

It is highly important for you to get an insurance. Nowadays, there is a lot of insurance company which is for the solo traveler. You can choose the package that you need. It is important for you since it is for your sake, especially when you travel alone. Moreover, anticipation is the best one.

  • Protect Your Identity

You have to be more careful about your identity. You have to be careful about using public WiFi. Moreover, when you do online banking make sure that you use the VPN one. It is the safest one to make sure that your identity will not be lacked. If you have yet to use this system, so you can learn more first through the internet.

  • Stay Connect with Your Family or Friend

It must be highlighted when you are traveling alone. Although you need to take a time to be alone or need me-time, you still need to get in touch with your relation. You need to tell them where are you and where will you go along traveling. In that situation, it will be easy for them to get you if there is the unwanted situation during traveling.

So, are you ready to travel alone? Make sure that this traveling will make you find the peace. The most important thing is you need to relax. To be careful is must, but do not be too worried about everything that will be going on. Get the plan and prepare everything that you need earlier. Just relax and find the peace after the long heavy days. Looks amazing tourism here.

Feb 192018

Get Your Pleasure from Beautiful Sakura Blossom

Sakura or Cherry Blossom is one of the most gorgeous things to be found in Japan. Even though you can find many great cultural things in this country, seeing Sakura still becomes the best thing to do while visiting Japan even you are solo traveling is the best you go and see Sakura. However, Sakura does not bloom in the whole year, also does not bloom even in the whole spring. You have to know the right time and the right place to come to Japan and enjoying the gorgeous blossoming Sakura.

Best Time to Enjoy Sakura Blossom in Japan

Actually, spring becomes the best season to visit Japan, with Cherry Blossom as your main destination. However, you still need to know the certain time to come to this country, as Sakura does not blossom from the beginning of spring to the end of spring. It would be too late for you, if you come to Tokyo or certain cities in May since the blossoming period of Sakura is already over.

Yet, it will be too early for you to come in February to find the Sakura Blossom in Tokyo or the other cities in Japan. Actually, some cities are experiencing the early blooming Sakura, which will come earlier in a warm area like Okinawa. However, when the Sakura in Okinawa starts to bloom, the Sakura in the other cities like Tokyo still does not bloom at all.

Sakura blooms to almost two weeks and there is no certain date to make sure your visitation. However, you can make a prediction by comparing you visitation schedule with the last period of the time of blossoming Sakura. For example, it Sakura blossomed in the second half of March in this year, for the next year, you can come around to Japan in that schedule. Then, luckily you might have a chance to experience the beautiful Sakura blossom.

Meanwhile, for the best spots to get the pleasure of Sakura, you can visit several parks, like Ueno Onshi Parks, Shinjuku Gyoen, Chidorigafuchi, Meguro River and many more. The different spot will have a different best way of enjoying the blossoming flower. So, you can choose the spot based on the way you want to see the Sakura.

Things to Do To Enjoy Sakura

Enjoying Sakura is not only about the right time visitation. You also have to make your plan in certain, to know what to do while being under beautiful surrounding of Sakura blossom. Actually, you can make a plan to do several activities while enjoying Sakura blossom. Then, what are the best options to enjoy Cherry Blossom?

  • Picnic Under Sakura

Actually, this is how the Japanese usually enjoy Sakura blossom. They will gather in the park under blossoming Sakura, bring their food and drink and enjoying a picnic with their family and friends. You also can try to enjoy Sakura this way. You can also socialize with people who also have a picnic under Sakura.

  • Enjoying Sakura with Cruise

This is another great way you can choose to enjoy Sakura. You can go on the cruise and enjoy Sakura while drinking and eating the beverages and foods there. You will see how beautiful Sakura petals are above the water and you even can choose between doing it in the day or night.

  • Enjoying Sakura with Bus

The other option to enjoy Sakura is by taking the bus. The bus will bring you around the route which is full of blossoming Sakura. You can enjoy the beautiful pink of Sakura without being tootired since the bus helps your transportation.

Those three options are the best ways to get pleasure from Sakura. You also can visit several Sakura festivals which will not only give you the best view of Sakura but also bring you to enjoy the culture of Japan.

Feb 022018

What Should I Bring for My Traveling?

In a year, you need to spare your time to release your stress. After the long routine of your work, you have to take an easy on yourself. There are some ways to release your stress and find a peace. For the most popular one is traveling. You can choose to find a peace in the place that you need. Sometimes coming to some different places will give more energy to you. However, you need to make sure that everything is prepared well. You need to book the transportation and accommodation that you need during your holiday. Then, don’t forget about your things when traveling. Don’t bring too much, but you need to take the enough.

The Most Important Things that You Need when Traveling

Sometimes it will be too difficult to decide what things that should and should not be brought for traveling. To make it easier, here are some tips to help you manage your things for traveling:

  • Get the Right Luggage

There is a lot of type of luggage that can be chosen. You can choose the luggage based on your type of travel. If you want to travel alone in a short time, so backpack might be the better choice than big luggage. On the other hand, you need to get extra luggage if you will spend more days for traveling, especially with your kids. Don’t let the luggage to be a hurdle for your traveling. Just find the comfort one.

  • Choose Your Custom

Clothes are the most important things should be brought, right? Then, you need to choose the clothes which are suitable for the season at your destination. That is why you need to get the information first about the weather and season of the place that will be visited. So, you can decide on the custom that will be brought. Make sure that you will only bring the clothes that you need based on how long you will be on your holiday.

  • Don’t Forget about the Toiletry

It is also important to prepare your toiletry. You can place different function into different bags. To make it simpler, you can use the toiletry travel bags which are available recently. It will help you to manage your things easily. Then, you can also choose the travel size for every product that you use. The travel size is better since it is lighter.

  • Personal Items in Different Bags

For the last, not the least, don’t forget about your personal things. Your smartphone and other gadgets should be saved into different bags. You can get it into your personal bags. Then, the charger, power bank, and other things needed the most can be placed in the same bags or another one. It will be highly recommended that you have a personal bag which is not too small or big so that it will fit your things inside. Since all your personal items in that bag, you need to make sure that the bag always on your eyes. Just be careful. Visit here for