Mar 072018

How to Kill the Time in Narita Airport Japan

Are you planning to go to Japan? If you do, then you will likely arriveat Narita Airport. This is one of two airports that are available in Japan and most of the international flights will arrive here. Indeed, although this airport is located quite far from the Tokyo city center, you will find the airport as one of the best choices due to its comfort. But, when it comes to you to choose Narita as the airport where you have to spend your time waiting for the plane or when you have to be there for a transfer plane, you need to know what to do in Narita Airport.

Narita International Airport is located far from Tokyo, approximately 60 km from the city center. This condition is usually the reason why you will likely come to the airport too early. If you have this problem on your trip, you need to get the best solution so you can kill your spare time as you are there. Luckily, with its vast area, you can choose some fun activities that will help you kill boredom as you wait for the flight. So, are you ready to know the best activities for your trip to Narita Airport?

A Simple List of Fun Activities to do in Narita Airport

When you’re in Narita Airport, actually there are some activities you can do. From the simplest thing for your short-term waiting for a plane transfer to a comfortable rest in the airport, you can get them perfectly. Here are some ideas of what to do in Narita Airport:

  1. The first thing you can do when you’re in the airport is to plane-gazing. Although it seems simple, you can even find it as a relaxing activity when you wait for your plane. Plane-gazing will be a perfect activity if you wait in a short time. You can also see the planes as you read or listening to music. It helps you to relax and get along with the surroundings. This activity is actually perfect for the introverts.
  2. If you want to get a glimpse of Japanese culture, you can see some unique experiences as you get them in the Japanese theatre. You will find the information as something good and authentic. Besides, the Japanese atmosphere will be a good thing for you to remember as you get in your origin country.
  3. When it comes to culinary, of course, you can get some things from the restaurant in this place. There are some sushi restaurants there. Of course, you can get the best foods with the best Japanese taste. The restaurants are also comfortable for you and your family. Taste the delicious Japanese food in an authentic Japanese restaurant nuance.
  4. If you love shopping, you can also get some unique souvenirs from the shops. This is an alternative when you are looking for what to do in Narita Airport. There are plenty of unique things in the souvenir shops there. You can get the small things like a keychain to the unique, comfortable plush with the cute animal shape. Of course, it will be a fun yet also a memorable trip for you.
  5. If you fancy getting more time for sleeping, there is a capsule hotel in Narita Airport. It will be a perfect choice when you’re looking for a simple solution for a long time waiting between a flight and another. Sleeping will reduce your stress and you can also be fresher for the next flight. Don’t worry, the capsule hotel is comfortable and will give you perfect facilities. Make sure you get your time right there.
  6. For a short time waiting, you can spend your time by strolling around the airport. You need to know that Japanese public facilities are the best. There, you can choose some unique places that will never stop to amaze you. Even the toilets will make you amazed due to its sophisticated technology. You can stroll around the airport, watching people as they move to the places to go to their next destination and enjoy the facilities.

Spending your time at Narita Airport will never be dull. There will always be something new and unique as you go and explore the airport. Besides, with so many activities to do there, you can bring more memories home. So, now you know what to do in Narita Airport. Have a happy holiday!