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Top decision dam in Sai Kung Peninsula

Top decision dam in Sai Kung Peninsula

High Island Reservoir East Dam in Sai Kung Peninsula

Attractive engineering, the South China Sea, and 14 million-year-old volcanic rocks make this one of Hong Kong’s most stunning spots. High Island Reservoir East Dam is the most effective available piece of Hong Kong Global Geopark and the main spot where you can contact the hexagonal shake segments. The landscape is dreamlike and made significantly more so by the nearness of thousands of dolosse squares (gigantic bond hindrances molded like jacks) set along the coast to break ocean waves. Look here for tips travel.

High Island was Hong Kong’s subsequent repository worked via close the coast with dams (Plover Cove was the first). This was done to give new water to the region after territory China shut down supply during the 1967 mobs. High Island was planned by Binnie and Partners of London and built by an Italian organization, Vianini Lavori. At the southern finish of East Dam, you’ll see a monster light blue dolos obstruct, a dedication to the individuals who kicked the bucket on the venture. Adjacent is a solid section that celebrates, in Chinese and English, the initiation of the repository in 1978. The development of the store had one inadvertent impact – it made a piece of what after 30 years progressed toward becoming Hong Kong Global Geopark open by walking. Off the bank of the southern finish of the dam is Po Pin Chau (actually, Broken-Sided Island), a gigantic ocean stack with shake sections all over its face like a goliath pipe organ.

East Dam of High Island Reservoir is in Stage 1 of the MacLehose Trail, which means you can climb here. On the other hand, you can join a Geopark visit that makes a stop at East Dam. See site for the rundown and to select.

At the season of research, a committed green minibus (course 9A) has quite recently been propelled to take travelers between Sai Kung’s Pak Tam Chung and East Dam. During the time for testing the course (HK$11.30) worked on Sundays and open occasions, somewhere in the range of 3 pm and 6 pm. You could likewise take transport 94 from Sai Kung Bus Terminus to Pak Tam Chung, at that point walk 9km along Tai Mong Tsai Rd and Sai Kung Man Kee Rd, following MacLehose Trail Stage 1, to East Dam.

A taxi to East Dam from Sai Kung Town takes around 30 minutes and expenses HK$160. Be that as it may, you may need to call a taxi administration for the arrival trip. Attempt 852 8103 1189. Be set up to offer an extra HK$50 or more when putting in your solicitation in request to arrive a ride.  Read More Bonuses.